Celebrating Our Country & Our Community


Donations are what allows the 4th of July Celebration and New Year's Eve Fireworks. These events are an annual tradition that shows the best of Akron-Newstead and gives the community a fun experience for generation to generation to enjoy. One aspect that allows the community events to happen each year is the generous donations from the community. The Akron Celebration Committee appreciates every business, organization and individual that donates to the event. Download a donation form here.

For donating, it can be a common curiosity to wonder what exactly are the donations for and spent on. So, the Akron Celebration Committee is happy to list some of the expenses for our events so that the community has a better understanding where the donations are going.

Donations are needed For Items Like:

  • Sponsored Entries
  • Prizes
  • Local Marching Bands
  • Crowd Giveaways
  • DJ

The Akron Celebration Committee is 100% funded by donations from the community. Please help fund this annual event so that the 4th of July traditions and New Year's Eve Fireworks can continue on for future generations. Download a donation form here.